Where our 2022 Spring and Summer photos were taken, part two: Point Pelee National Park and region.

pair of Tree Swallows gaping
This pair of Tree Swallows by a pond in Pelee Park in early May 2021 (second-year female on the left, likely male on the right) were exhibiting characteristic Tree Swallow behaviour known as "gaping" which apparently is a way of newly-formed partners to adjust from being strangers to being a pair.  
Large-Flowered Trillium
Nearby to the swallows Geof spied this beautifully-formed trillium with uncharacteristically but attractively mottled leaves. 
bonfire sparks
Emma Burbidge snapped this wonderful shot of sparks rising from a Leamington backyard bonfire.  You can smell the wood-smoke and hear the crackling of the logs!
sunset across Lake Erie
The summer of 2021 saw a lot of atmospheric haze in Eastern Canada from wildfires in Western Canada and the U.S.  Emma took this shot from her back yard overlooking Lake Erie as the darkened sun descended into the smoke. 
three soft pink tulips
These beautiful tulips were photographed on a wonderfully overcast and misty day in the municipal park along the waterfront in Windsor, Ontario in early May 2021.