about our beginnings

Geof and Anne got married and started the card business in 1991.  A lot of miles looking for pictures and greeting card stores to carry our product.  By 1996 Emma was on board and by 1999 the truck was about done. Two relatively skinny people and a dog can sleep in the back of a Nissan pickup but not three people and a dog... Geof still drives many many kilometres every year looking for pictures.  If he is lucky Anne will take time off from paperwork and go along.  A lot of great staff over the years have helped us with the load, and we've made some wonderful friends along the way.  Emma grew up and headed out to her dream career working at the national park where her dad took her birding every year since the age of five, but continues to send in great photos for Anne's consideration.  What did we do that people told us not to?  Well, start a photo greeting card business, mainly.  But the secret to success isn't really all that earth-shattering:  Just provide a great product at a great price with GREAT SERVICE.  I can't emphasize that last enough.