about image 1594 (covered bridge in fog)

There are nearly 80 covered bridges remaining in the province of Quebec, Canada, and six in my region of the Outaouais (that's two more than there are in Madison County, Iowa).  This one is in the municipality of Chelsea, where Anne and I live. It was built over the Meech Creek in 1924, in the typical Quebec style, a modified version of the lattice truss bridge patented in 1820 by the Connecticut architect Ithiel Town.  The valley in which it lies is very picturesque and pastoral, with the Meech Creek meandering the length of it.  I have seen or heard many different species of birds there including Cuckoos, Bobolinks, Meadowlarks, and even a nesting pair of Long Eared Owls, as well as the occasional coyote and black bear.