about image 1589 (hummingbird at Monarda)

I think this is an example of "if you build it they will come".  And proof that hummingbirds really are attracted to red flowers.  We have had red Monarda perennials growing in our garden for several years, and finally this female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird started visiting regularly.  So regularly, in fact, that if I set a chair not too far from the plant (but not too close either) it would not be more than a half hour before she showed up. She would visit other flowers in the garden, but always came to the Mondarda as part of her rounds. I had to use a 300mm telephoto lens and a 1.5 times teleconverter on my crop-sensor dSLR, and choose my shutter speed carefully because I wanted it fast enough so that her wings were not completely blurred out.  My choices were limited by the relatively slow speed of the lens and converter combination (f5.6) and the relatively low light in the shaded garden. The aperture was still wide enough, however, to allow for some pleasing background blur.  Henrietta is Anne's name for the bird.  A male was seen from time to time but Henrietta was not happy about him visiting her favourite nectar spots and chased him off every time.